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NABA Committees

NABA Committees work closely with the NABA Executive Board to further objectives and initiatives that support our membership and strengthen our organization. Serving as a committee chair or committee member is an opportunity to contribute your ideas and talents, collaborating with representatives of the behavior analytic community, across the state of Nevada, to promote intellectual exchange and professional development in the field of behavior analysis.

Public Policy

The Public Policy Committee aims to remain informed of and influence policy in the state of Nevada as it relates to the field of behavior analysis. Through building relationships with state representatives, collaborating with leaders of relevant organizations, and participation in public meetings the Public Policy Committee strives to represent the needs of the membership of NABA. The Public Policy Committee is committed to disseminating information to the membership of NABA and other parties as appropriate, soliciting feedback from the membership when influencing policy decisions, and representing the will of the membership to the extent possible. 

In the case of vacancies, service  on this committee is by appointment only. Interested parties can submit their information using the link below to be considered for appointment. 

Chair: Molly Halligan


The Outreach Committee is dedicated to promoting active engagement amongst NABA membership and disseminating behavior analysis through professional development events, social activities, and fundraising campaigns. The committee supports NABA members by building awareness of the organization as well as the science of behavior throughout the state of Nevada. 

Chair: Megan McGrew


Through collaboration with a network of practitioners, NABA’s Practice Committee aims to support those members providing behavior analysis services within the state. The committee engages members in mentorship activities and provides information about practice-specific issues. The committee promotes and supports ethical, compliant, and quality service delivery by NABAs members.

Chair: Jennifer Castellanos-Bonow

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